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For those volunteering in the warehouse, please remember to wear closed-toed shoes.

We believe that you, as a valued volunteer, have certain rights:

  • The right to be treated as a co-worker not “just free help."

  • The right to a suitable assignment with consideration for personal preference, temperament, life experience, & education.

  • The right to thoroughly planned and effectively presented job training.

  • The right to know as much about VISTO as possible, including its policies, staff, and programs.

  • The right to continuing education, information about new developments and opportunities.

  • The right to sound guidance and direction by someone who is experienced, well informed, patient, and thoughtful.

  • The right to an orderly, designated place to work.

  • The right to a variety of experience.

  • The right to be heard, to have a part in planning, to feel free to make suggestions and to have respect shown for an honest opinion.

  • The right to recognition and expressions of appreciation.

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