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Backpack Buddies

If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger Buzz Aldrin


Of Cooke County families live in poverty.


The number jumps if it is a single parent household headed by a female.


And if we discuss children under the age of 6, those who are the most vulnerable, in household headed by a female, the number skyrockets!

VISTO has provided backpacks full of delicious, nutritionally dense mini-meals to children in Cooke County for over 10 years.  Our Backpack Buddy program is another effort to reduce food insecurity in our community. 


The goal of the program is to deliver two days worth of meals to children in local schools who have been identified by school officials has being "at risk" for hunger.  We know that if children are hungry they don't perform well in school; if a child come to school on Monday morning with an empty belly...they have low energy, they have poor concentration, and demonstrate difficulty processing new information. 


 When children have been fed well balanced meals over the weekend they arrive at school happy, alert, and motivated to learn.  

In 2020, VISTO provided meals to 674 children in 15 different Cooke County schools with the help of over 35 volunteers. We are bridging the gap between opportunity and achievement.

No child should ever be hungry...

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