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Food Pantry

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat -  Matthew 25:35


We are Cooke County's largest food pantry.  Our goal to provide food to feed an average family of four enough basic food staples for two weeks. 


In 2015 we partnered with Tarrant Area Food Bank out of Fort Worth. This partnership affords us the opportunity purchase food for pennies on the dollar. As funding and donations allow, we add items such as fresh meat, eggs, bread, laundry, soap toilet paper, juice, and fresh produce.


Working with TAFB has dramatically increased the amount of food we are able to give to each family and significantly increased the number of individuals we are able to serve, all while decreasing our monthly food expenditure. 


Monthly food expenditure


Number of individuals served monthly


Distributed food per family

Why A Client Choice Pantry?

Our client choice food pantry is a critical part of our efforts to end hunger – not only does it make it easy for the people to use our pantry, but having the opportunity to choose their own food gives the people being served a sense of dignity and control, limits waste (since they tend not to take food they won’t use), and allows them to tailor the help they receive to be the best possible fit for their own unique situation.

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